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Recipes from the French Wine Harvest is a celebration of the cooks – usually the wives, mothers, sisters and friends of the growers – who create the convivial meals which fuel the hard work in the vineyards.


Salads with bacon, or smoked fish, home-made terrines, red wine daubes, gratins, every kind of chicken dish, guinea-fowl and duck, fruit tarts, cakes, custards, fruit poached in red wine – this is simple, rustic, French food. Feeding the wine harvesters is a tour de force lasting a few weeks, but the recipes are ones we can all use and enjoy.

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By Rosi Hanson

Photography: Katerina Kalogeraki

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Aubert de Villaine, 

Domaine de le Romanée-ContiAugust, 2015:

“The strongest memory which stays close to the heart of a vendangeur (picker) forever is that of the delicious aromas emanating from the Cuisine Familiale (home cooking) which greets them after a cold morning’s picking.  I am so pleased that Rosi Hanson has recorded these recipes so others can share in our traditions.  Those dishes simmering slowly are an integral part of the culture of the Climats de Bourgogne which have just been given World Heritage status by UNESCO”.

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