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Salad of Hot potatoes, Leaves, Bacon & Onions

Coming back from work in the vineyard on a warm autumn morning, this is just the sort of thing it is great to find on the tables at midday - crunchy bits of bacon, crisp fried potatoes, a touch of onion, slightly bitter leaves, such a wonderful combination!

this is just the sort of salad it is gret to find on the table when you come back from the vineyard at midday!


500g (1 lb) potatoes (you need to use waxy potatoes - varieties such as Fir Apple Pinks, Charlotte, Kipfler or Roseval)

250(8 oz) smoked or green streaky bacon in a piece

1 medium onion, or several shallots

1 head of escarole or frisée lettuce

oil and vinegar

black pepper

Wash but do not peel the potatoes. Cut each into about four, depending on size. Dice the bacon, having removed the rind. Peel and chop the onion or shallots. Wash and dry the salad leaves, then place them in a serving bowl large enough to allow you to turn all the ingredients vigorously.Heat a pan over a moderate heat and put in the bacon. Let the fat melt, then sauté the potatoes and onion in it. Keep stirring and scraping the bottom of the pan, so that everything becomes crispy without burning. If you feel the bacon has not given off enough fat, add some oil. Eat as soon as you mix the contents of the pan with the escarole dressed lightly with oil, vinegar and black pepper, ready in the serving bowl.

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