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Champagne, tarts and limericks.....

It's a competition! I wrote a while ago that "A Tart from Champagne" was not a limerick but a great desert. It turns out I was wrong.

Tarte Vite-Fait IS a great desert - and quick to make as the title suggests (recipe is in a previous post) - but several people could not resist penning a few lines. I will cook the tart for you, if you are in geographical reach, and you can come up with a good limerick on this theme.

If it's very good, there will be a glass of champagne to go with it.The first to respond was Brian St. Pierre, (wonderful writer of Italian cook books, including The Wine-lover cooks Italian), as below:

There once was a tart from Champagne,

Flawless, fickle, and vain:

“Bottom’s a treat,

Upper crust can’t be beat,

And what’s in between never wanes.”

The next to come in, from an MW who shall be nameless but whom I know rather well, is as follows:

A tart from Champagne named Maria,

Took up tasting, to advance her career

Her pastry was dreamy

Her kisses were creamy

Skin contact brought queues to her cellar.

More limericks coming in!

Brian again:

A tart from Champagne Rosi’s bakin’

Will be sumptuous, and leave me quakin’:

Sugar/acid will chime

Better than this rhyme,

But I’ll quit poetry for the bites taken.

Todd Ruby’s limerick:

There once was a lady so vain

She bathed in tete de cuvée champagne

Her husband joined her,

promptly conjoined with her

And they drank the bath before it went down the drain

George Parsons:

There once was a girl from champagne,

Whose kisses were like frangipane

Her tarts farinaceous

Just short of salacious

Declared her a demimondaine

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