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Last of the summer wine, and peaches

It's nearly the end of the season for peaches, so let's make the most of them. If you have red wine, and you have peaches - bring them together!

This recipe, which was given to me in the Bordeaux region, takes hardly any time but makes a delicious impact.

Pêches au Vin Rouge approximately 1 kg (2 lb) ripe peaches (at least one peach per person) 1 bottle red wine 1 tablespoon kirsch, optional 200 g (7 oz) caster sugar Pour boiling water over the peaches, leave for 5 minutes, then plunge them into cold water and peel them. Cut them in half and take out the stones. Slice evenly. Marinade the peaches overnight in the wine, kirsch and sugar. That is all. The kirsch is a refinement; it can be made without it or you could experiment with other fruit brandies.

2nd VERSION: This takes the same ingredients but with small peaches, if possible. Peel the peaches as before, but leave them whole, or halve them & remove the stones. Marinate overnight as for the first version. The next day poach them in the marinade for about ten minutes, then lift them out and drain. Reduce the marinade by fast boiling by about a quarter, until it is just slightly syrupy. Pour over the peaches and cool. This dish is best if made the previous day and kept in the fridge.

PS I used the red fleshed Peches de Vigne (see photo) which grow in Burgundy - at one time they were commonly planted in vineyards - but any peaches will be good. If not very ripe I recommend the second version.


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